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Revenge Love Spells: How To Cast Revenge Love Spells That Work

Revenge love spells that really work against other women. There will be times when other women will try to steal your happiness and your man.

Have you ever received a mysterious text from a woman to torment you at night? Have other women rubbed in your face how happy your lover is with them?

Women like that will awake spirits of jealousy, fear, and anger to bother you and put you down if you let them do it. The torment they send you is on purpose to open your weak side. The side that makes you vulnerable and makes you confront your man about other women, which will get you end up in a big argument that will get you feeling even worse.

You must first understand what revenge is and what is the best revenge you could ever take when love spells that work.

The dictionary defines revenge as the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

I know there are many attack spells out there that use black magic and dark forces to do evil deeds to other people. I don’t suggest that kind of magic to take revenge because number one, it means you’re hurt and casting that sort of attack means that other people were able to hurt you. It acknowledges your suffering which makes you weak and act from weakness instead of strength.

You simply do it by focusing on what you want, directing your emotions towards what you desire and being indifferent to what other people do and say.

You must see that it is all an emotional battle. Revenge, jealousy, love, hate, fear, peace, abundance are all feelings used to get things done. These feelings either affect you or make you rise from a painful situation.

Women who send you spirits of jealousy through text want to cause an emotional storm inside of you in which, of course, you are the victim who’s going to fall into a trap.


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